Recent Calls
Fri. Dec 29th 2017
The fire had a large head start. It was reported by Postal delivery worker to a neighbor who called.The garage was fully involved on Assistant Chief McMillion's arrival.Automatic mutual aid from ...
Tue. Nov 28th 2017
On 28 November Holley FD responded mutual aid to Clarendon FD for this structure fire on Fancher Rd.The fire had a head start and was a total loss.See the 5 pics
Tue. Feb 23rd 2016
Holley Firefighters with assistance from FHM, Monroe Ambulance and Holley Police responded for a 2 car MVA with 1 vehicle on its side. A total of 3 patients were assessed all with no or minor injurie...
Sun. Jan 23rd 2011
The holley fire dept was dispatched EMS along with HVA to Batavia st in the village
Fri. Jan 21st 2011
The Holley Fire Departments FAST Team was dispatched at 1:19am to Carlton on Lakeshore for reported smoke in the building.
News Headlines
Tue. Aug 29th 2017
We held hands-on rope rescue drills over three drill dates.
Wed. Jan 5th 2011
If anyone has pictures they have taken of the Holley FD at incidents, functions, training, or anywhere else we would love to have you share them with us so we can display them proudly on our site. Pic...
Thu. Jun 4th 2009
We are looking for any pictures you may have of any of our past apparatus, if you happen to have any feel free to email them to If you have pictures but no way of scanning t...
In Memory of Sam 159


Sam McMillion began his career in the Holley Fire Department in 1984.  He worked his way through the ranks, achieving the rank of Captain. Sam was one of the most active firefighters in the history of the Holley Fire Department.

In June of 2003, Sam was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a rapidly spreading form of cancer. After many months of aggressive and often painful treatment, Sam was told that he was cancer free.  He remained extremely weak throughout his recovery, but his spirit and attitude never faltered.  Because of the effects of the treatment, Sam was unable to remain as an active firefighter.  Members of the department would try to involve Sam in departmental functions any way they could during his recovery. Often we had to force him. The reason that Sam resisted is because he knew his strength was not at it’s best.  He felt that he would bring the team down, or hold us back. But the fact is that his presence inspired and motivated us.

In August of 2004, Sam's recovery was thought to be going well, when he was told that the cancer had returned. He battled once again. On Tuesday, December 21, 2004, Sam lost his battle to cancer. Throughout Sam's fight he never complained. Sam's spirit remained strong until the end.

On Tuesday, December 28, 2004, FF Sam McMillion was laid to rest with full departmental honors.  Below is a portion of Chief Mark Porter's eulogy: 

"As a fire chief, I am forced to make difficult decisions on a daily basis. I must decide where to place personnel and acquire resources. I must make sure that my department is staffed properly and ready for duty. There was always a given though. I knew that Sam would be there when I needed him.  On Tuesday, December 21st, the Supreme Chief made a decision. He decided that he needed Sam more than we did. Sam was not taken from us for no reason. Sam was always there when duty called. He has been called to duty. Every day throughout the world, the Supreme Chief handles his staffing problems. The luxury that he has, that we don’t, is that he gets to pick the very best.  He picks the ones that will answer the call of duty and be there when they are needed. Sam will carry on. His spirit will remain with us."

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